Things to know when you travel by bus from Singapore to KL

ImageTraveling between two countries via road is definitely a great idea. You will be able to witness great geographical and cultural changes when you choose to travel by road from one country to another. The differences wouldn’t be huge but it would be a great experience for a tourist. Malaysia and Singapore are neighboring countries and highly sought after tourist destinations. There are plenty of buses that operate between the capital city of Malaysia and Singapore. The highways are well constructed and you will be able to enjoy the trip in a wonderful way if you are on a vacation to these Asian countries. Here are few points that you need to consider when you take a bus Singapore to KL.

Choosing your required facilities

There are numerous bus operators in Singapore and Malaysia today offering daily trips between the two countries. In order to enjoy your vacation to the fullest, you need to choose a bus service that comes with all facilities required by you. If you are a person, who needs to check your email often or require internet connectivity for some other purposes, you should choose a bus that offers Wi-Fi facilities on the move. The premium buses between Singapore and KL offer complimentary Wi-Fi facilities to the passengers. If you need to sleep during the course of the four-hour ride, you should choose a sleeper coach bus which provides you with a berth to sleep peacefully. There are even buses that provide you with a table to suit your needs and enough legroom to make sure that you do not face the slightest discomforts. You need to take a look at the facilities provided by the bus operators from Singapore to KL before placing your bookings.

Getting your tickets

There are different ways by which you can book your bus tickets for your travel between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. You can get


 the tickets from either of the two countries by walking in to the bus ticket booking offices at the major bus terminals in both countries depending on your source station. You might want to travel around Malaysia before visiting Singapore. You can book your tickets based on your trip schedule. Enjoy the wonderful places in Malaysia and fabulous amusement parks including Sunway Lagoon and then travel to the neighboring island nation. You can make your booking depending on your choice of dates and comfort requirements. If you are not available at the source station till the journey date, you can place your bookings from an online bus booking portal. You can even select your preferred seat when you book your tickets online. Choosing the online portals for your tickets is the easiest method. You are given the facility of making a selection from plenty of bus operators and abundant classes of buses. You can compare the prices, time taken for the trips and the reliability of the bus operator. All these facilities will help you to choose the best coach to take you from one country to the other. 


Unleash yourself at the Sunway Lagoon and Enjoy the Fun

If you are a kid you will love the fun at Sunway Lagoon, if you are a youngster then too you would love this place. Well, this is one of the happening places in Malaysia, where you will not find a single moment making your holiday experience in Sunway Lagoon boring. With so many activities to do, it is always fun to enjoy this mesmeric place.

Waters of Africa:

Quench your adventurous thirst with the African Pythons while enjoying the wild side of the Waters of Africa. This fun slide is adventure for all, as it gives splashing good time.

Wild Wild West:

Visit to the Wild Wild West Amusement Park is an adventurous bonanza, where you would every moment to the fullest. You might pray for the excitement to end at the raging waters of the Grand Canyon River Rapids but it would seem never ending. Also, you must not miss the chance of testing your dexterity while playing Alamo games arcade.

Extreme Park:

There is no extreme to the adrenaline pumping fun at the Extreme Park. With so many options like hitting bulls eye at the Archery Target Shooting, go off-road on the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) or simply Go-Karting, you will always be excited to know what’s next.

Wildlife Park:

Who says there was only one Tarzan? Well there could be another one living inside you. Let it come out at the wildlife park at Sunway Lagoon. This animal kingdom is a great place to be at for complete family, where you can meet another family of animals, which comprises of 150 species of amazing and exotic animals.

Well, the list will go on and on. But if you wish to explore the fun in real, then you get to immediately plan for your trip to Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia. Book your bus ticket from Klang Sentral bus ticket terminal to Sunway Lagoon or fgrom any other place, and enjoy your time!

Want to book Klang Sentral bus ticket to Shah Alam? Do Not Forget These Points!

To travel anywhere in Malaysia or Singapore to Malaysia, the bus connectivity is worth praising. If you want to travel from Klang Sentral (Selangor) to Shah Alam, then you would get ample of options to book your bus ticket. On one hand where you can go to Shah Alam bus terminal and get the ticket then & there, on the other hand, you can book your tickets online.

However, the concern here is which one is the better option, and how should you get your Klang Sentral bus ticket booked? Let us compare both online & offline channels and see which one would be a better option for you:

Booking bus ticket at the terminal Vs. Online:

Forget the obvious queue at the terminal to get the ticket book, there are various other hurdles you would need to go through to finally get your ticket.

    • At first, you would either have to visit the bus terminal twice, (once for getting the ticket or enquiring about the bus route, and secondly at the time of boarding the bus. On the contrary, when booking online bus ticket, you can conveniently book your bus ticket and also enquire about the routes from your place only through mobile or laptops.
    • There are several bus service providers in Malaysia, which offers good discounts on booking Klang Sentral bus ticket online. Whereas, there are rare chances of negotiating for bus fare at the time of booking bus offline.
    • One of the exciting parts of booking bus on internet is that you can also choose the bus seats according to your preference, but this is not possible with the other way. 

Well these are just few points, which makes online bus booking stand over offline bus booking, although there are many more, which you can experience while booking your bus through internet.


Before we bid good bye, here is an advise for you. If you are booking your bus online, then make sure that you do thorough research with online bus booking services and pick the best for yourself.

Travelling through bus is the great idea

ImageTravelling through bus transportation is the most popular choice nowadays. Why most of people choose bus as the best transport service is because of the comfort. Travelling through the bus has lots of advantages. Some people prefer to travel by buses because it is cheap medium to travel. The ticket rates are much cheaper than flight tickets along with all the modern facilities. One should experience the comfort and have fun while travelling through the coach bus. Some people love to travel every month; therefore, they should buy a card. If you buy card, then travelling cost would be reduced.

Some people ignore the idea of choosing bus because they are scared of traffic jams. If we talk about the roads in Singapore or KL, they are amazing and well maintained. You would discover well planned roads with least traffic. The most trusty and popular transportation service is the Singapore bus service. To get ride on the bus, you have to pay coins, only by throwing into the small box next to the driver. You can choose from the air conditioner or non air conditioner services. If you are expecting luxury and comfort, then air conditioner bus is the way to go. If you are looking for the bus to KL, then either you take air conditioner or non air conditioners both are equally efficient. You need not worry for the time frames because different departures are made available by these transportation service providers.

You can enjoy vacation with your kids as the bus is a big source of entertainment too. You can take advantage of electronic entertainment too. Most of the buses you can take on rental come with ample electrical outlets and DVD players. You can enjoy music and movies, as well. One may carry iPod to have fun with own taste of music. If you love reading then it is the perfect time to complete your unread books. Moreover, if you are traveling with your loved one, then this is the right time to share your heart talks.


You need not ponder about the bus to kuala Lumpur because it is easily available over the internet. Just a few buttons clicked and get the bus ticket in hands. With lots of ease and comfort, your journey would turn into the favorite moments of life. You will love to visit the KL again and again with family, friends or kids.

We must spare some time out of our busy schedule in order to enjoy the treasures of nature. I am sure you are going to love the travelling experience through a bus.ons clicked and get the bus ticket in hands. With lots of ease and comfort, your journey would turn into the favorite moments of life. You will love to visit the KL again and again with family, friends or kids.

What makes online bus booking services popular in Malaysia

When you are traveling to a Imagenew country or to a place far off from home, you would want everything to be as easy as possible. When you are in a foreign land, you might not be very comfortable in walking around for directions or looking for the best options. It is always better to make your reservations well in advance. When you travel to Malaysia, you will have to travel quite a lot in order to enjoy the trip to the maximum. The country has all types of modern facilities and you will not have a hard time to travel. However, bus transport is today the best option to travel in and around the country. What makes this mode of transport popular? Read on to find the answers.

Ease of access

One of the key factors that make online bus services popular in Malaysia is the ease of access provided. You can easily place your bookings without the help of a travel agent or a tour operator. Usually attractive packages are provided only by tour operators. With the implementation of online bus ticket booking portals, the job has been made easy for the common man. You can get your tickets days before you travel to the respective places. You can get a klang sentral bus ticket through the online portals without even stepping out of your home in any part of the world. This is the greatest benefit offered by online bus booking services in Malaysia. You can even book a bus to travel from Malaysia to Singapore or vice versa. 

Availability of varying options

There are different types of buses available for your travel in the country. There are semi-sleeper buses that are air-conditioned to provide you with great comfort during the rides. These buses are good for journeys that are less than ten hours long. If you are traveling longer distances or planning for an overnight journey, you can go for the sleeper class buses. You will be able to sleep peacefully in the berths and reach the destination without any signs of tiredness. This is a great option compared to business class flights and trains. All the bus terminals in the country have different classes of buses to provide you with a great travel experience in Malaysia. You can start your journey to Singapore even from the shah alam bus terminal and enjoy a journey across international borders. Similarly, you can start off from any other bus terminal in the country. 



Great prices


Another attractive feature of bus journeys is the great prices offered. You will be able to enjoy topnotch facilities at affordable rates. The flight charges and train fares are definitely enormous when compared to the bus ticket prices. Since there are plenty of bus operators in the country, you will be able to choose a good package based on your budget with ease. During the peak seasons, you might even be able to enjoy extra discounts on the prices. Keep checking the prices listed on various online bus booking websites to enjoy the best deals. 

Explore the Exquisiteness of Kuching via Bus Services

Do you love to travel to different places and cherish the unexplored beauty that is embellished beautifully with different ornaments of nature? If so, then Kuching in Malaysia would surely suffice your quench to please your eyes with amazing views. Let us see what all does this beautiful place beholds through this blog.


  • Chinatown

Chinatown is a place to be at specially for the food lovers. If you travel just because to make your taste buds enjoy different flavors of delicious, tempting, & mouthwatering food, then you must be at Chinatown. Otherwise, there isn’t not much to explore here, but this doesn’t mean Kuching has nothing else for you. There are many, so let’s move on to the next place.


  • River Promenade or Waterfront

Where Chinatown served your taste buds, River Promenade or Waterfront will make your eyes explore the serene beauty. The beautiful sight of watery promenade, paved walkways, flowerbeds, children’s playground, cafes and food stalls is what makes this place interesting. You will get to see beautiful sight scenes here and also lots of opportunities to get yourself clicked in beautiful background.


  • River Cruise

River cruise will give you a fun ride for approx. 1.5 hours in just RM60. The cruise will take you across beautiful Kuching Mosque, Astana, Fort Margherita and little Malay villages. And not just this, you would also get the chance to enjoy short cultural show during your cruise ride.


  • Cat Museum

Being in Kuching, it would be strange if there won’t be a cat museum, as Kuching means Cat. Cat museum is a nice place to be at, specially if you are traveling with kids. There is also a beautiful garden, where you can enjoy with your family and get photographed.


  • Sarawak Museum

Sarawak museum is also a place for kids, where they get to learn about various things. Yu can enjoy the art gallery as well which is beautifully maintained and showcases beautiful artwork.


Other than these, you can also explore the places like Sarawak Orchid Garden, Chinese Museum, Kubah National Park, Fairy Cave, Kuching Esplanade, Wind Cave, The Old Courthouse, Semenggoh Nature Reserve, Sarawak Cultural Village, Matang Wildlife Centre, and Bako National Park.


The best traveling mode to explore Kuching:

If you are thinking about how to reach to Kuching then you can take bus from Miri to Kuching or any other destination and continently travel to this place. There are several bus service providers in Malaysia, which provide special bus service from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron highlands, Miri to Kuching, Penang to Genting Highlands, and various other places.

Bus to Butterworth the Best Mode to Discover this Place

busonline 14 Butterworth in Malaysia is one of the places that is most popular one amongst tourists. They must visit this place when they are on the trip to Malaysia, but to discover this place the main thing that plays an important role is the commuting to this place. Most of the people prefer bus mode to be the most convenient and safest one and reserve their seats in a bus to Butterworth. Now you may think that why only bus services are known to be the convenient and safest mode than all other modes. This is because of the following reasons:

When you have reserved your seats in the bus, you are more relaxed and feel great as you are clear with the fact that there is not going to be much problems faced by the passengers. Be it relates to luggage or leg spacing or comfortable seats, each thing makes you completely relaxed and make the journey completely at ease.

Second point that bus journey makes the trip pleasurable is that it makes you discover the place completely. Yes, this is the fact that the fun and enjoyment that you experience via bus is something that is to be experienced. The comfort level and the new discovery experience that is observed in the bus is something that cannot be missed out.r leg spacing or comfortable seats, each thing makes you completely relaxed and make the journey completely at ease.

Now if you want to book tickets to this specific place all you need to do is to reserve your bus tickets from that place. For instance, if you want to reach to the specific place then all you have to do is to reserve your seat in one of the buses and reach to the Shah Alam bus terminal from where you can take the respective buses of the trip.

Third point that bus commuting is known to be one of the bets modes isbusonline 13 that it saves time and money. Now how it can be saved? The answer is by booking the seats online. All you need to do is to search an online portal that can provide with more deals and offers for the tourists. With the help of this one can easily make the advance bookings and also saves money on it.